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Wow armory not updating 5 4

SFC Warner contributed greatly to his section's overall performance within the BDOC.His duty performance was superb while assigned to the PSD and the BDOC, coordinating numerous combat patrols and three major combat operations.His efforts within the PSD ensured ISAF leaders across Afghanistan remained well protected.

SFC Warner's exceptional service as a PSD member resulted in 20 security patrols for 10 VIPs without incident.

His commitment to duty, vigilance,and professionalism enabled him to provide a safe and secure environment for over 1,500 military and civilian personnel, which included the USAREUR Commanding General, Deputy Commanding General, and Command Sergeant Major.

SGT So So's dedication to duty, motivation, and military bearing earned him the reputation as one of the most dependable Team Leaders in the 529th Military Police Company "Honor Guard." SGT So So displayed tremendous devotion to Soldiers by volunteering countless hours on his personal time and applying his vast knowledge in weapons and physical training.

His communication with 10 combat enablers including ISR assets, JTACs, fixed wing assets, rotary wing assets, fire supporters, and explosive ordnance personnel ensured our maneuver units had joint firepower to support their operations.

His experience was also shared with Air Force personnel within the BDOC, creating an enhanced awareness of operations and allowing the 4th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron (ESFS) and TF Wow to command and control integrated defense efforts.

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