Padelecki dating

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Padelecki dating

Maybe it's most shocking that the Guilty Remnant are gone—and Meg was the cause.

In Season 4's "No Regrets," The Patriot and Coulson traveled into the Framework to look for a mole who'd been trying to bring information out of Hydra.

Sasha, on the other hand, was a strong fan favorite.

To many viewers of the third season of FX's Midwestern crime anthology, it seemed like Nikki Swango (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) would be the last person standing when all was said and done.

Ray spent the next episode, "Gummies," sorting through Ray's belongings and grieving. She's also never been fond of Tariq (Morocco Omari), the illegitimate child of the family.

fans were surprised to learn that Jason Blossom was murdered by his father, Clifford, after discovering that the family's maple syrup empire was really just a front for a heroin operation. Tariq was just about to tell his half-brother Lucious about the kidnapping plot, but Leah put a stop to that with a fatal stab to the neck.

He survived, finally finding a sort of peace in the knowledge that a looming nuclear holocaust would soon end life as , the character made an impact. Thea's real father—was alternately a force of pain and justice, and he was played with relish by fan favorite John Barrowman. On the run from Adrian Chase on Lian Yu, Thea (Willa Holland) stepped on a landmine; Malcolm, who'd come to the island to protect his daughter, took her place on top of the mine, allowing her to run to safety.

As Ray's blunt, grumpy boss at the coffee shop, Colin Quinn brought his characteristic snark and humor to the role, as well as some vulnerability that added some real emotion to his surprising death in Season 6's "Painful Evacuation." After a chatty coffee shop regular died suddenly, Ray was left questioning life, the universe and everything—then, to heap more existential angst onto the poor guy, he went to Hermie's house and found him dead. Left to confront Chase's minions, Malcolm took his foot off the landmine, wiping them out—and giving up his own life in the process. Perhaps there's nobody in the series quite as unhinged as Leah (Leslie Uggams), who even kidnapped Lucious Lyon's granddaughter at one point.

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While the deaths of Toni, Ketch, Kelly and Rowena weren't enormous shocks, the same can't be said for Crowley, the on-and-off King of Hell who was sometimes a really bad guy but had a sort of bromance with Dean Winchester.

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  1. “He raised him like his own, even though [the child’s] father wasn’t in the picture.” They went on to have three more boys. Zarate was the jokester in their family — a storyteller prone to spin a tale when only a “yes” or a “no” was required. And he always said you’ve got to help people in the long run.