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Myolie wu and bosco dating

He added, “If I am in Hong Kong that day without work, then I will definitely go to her wedding. I will not be embarrassed.” Wong also dismissed the suggestion by many fans that he should snatch Wu away on her wedding day.The discussion became so heated that it was a trending topic on Weibo. In her early years, Myolie started out as supporting characters in television serials.Her acting began to gain recognition through her breakthrough performance in Golden Faith, in which she portrayed the mentally challenged younger sister of Gallen Lo.In 2007, Myolie was paired with Mainland actor Feng Shao Feng in the TVB-CCTV joint production The Drive Of Life. She also starred as Chow Lai-Man in the second installment of War of In-Laws, Wars of In-Laws II in same year.

No matter what I choose to do, however, I will forever be grateful to TVB. But I guess I hope people will remember me and like me for my roles and for the work I have put in my acting.She has also won "Best Actress" for her role in Curse of the Royal Harem, a TVB grand production, "Most Favourite TV Female Character" for her role in Ghetto Justice and also won "Extraordinary Elegant Actress" at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2011, making her the first ever Triple TV Queen of the year.By summer of 2015, Myolie left TVB to explore new avenues.Looking elegant in a flared white frock, she was in good spirits throughout the 20-minute interview, chatting in Mandarin and laughing with ease.Her relaxed demeanour was quite different from the time this reporter interviewed her a year ago when she was utterly serious.

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In her schooling days, Myolie received high school education in Boarding School at Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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