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Rushing into the New Year when you’re over 40 also means that you’re getting another year older. It gives us all an opportunity to tap into a local business... We all can have our personal little breakdowns during this time of year. With the first talk of Thanksgiving plans, your head goes spinning into that dreadful abyss of “am I really going to be single for the holidays? Perhaps it's something from your mother or father, a grandparent, a mentor, a friend, something you've read -- a piece of advice that has stayed with you and has helped you in finding love, understanding love or staying in love.It's the kind of advice you repeat to yourself during difficult moments, or find yourself re-telling your friends.On Learning From Heartbreak When I was 16, the love of my young life (yes, Joe B., this means you) dumped me.Sobbing on my bedroom floor, my mother, who was, and still is, head-over-heels in love with the same man for 51 years, sat down next to me, put her arm around me and said, "There are a lot of fish in the sea.

She's talking about her experience as a single woman artist nearing 50, but it's a great reminder for all of us, no matter our relationship status or age. If love were a science experiment, we’d all be incompetent of predicting accurate outcomes.Most of us, at some point in our lives, have heard a great piece of advice about love.(In my mind, it's some sexy woman-of-a-certain age with five ex-husbands, smoking a Virginia Slim 100.) But the real identity is lost to me.Even so, the advice has stuck in my head all these years, and I still recite it to single friends who seem to have trouble making romantic relationships stick.

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