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Some burial grounds show people buried in the fetal position inside large jars (pictured above) similar to some burial sites in Egypt.New excavations from the region of the Sao have revealed evidence of an even earlier civilization referred to by archaeologists as the (present day Sudan) actually goes back before 2000 BC.This is believed to be why European interest in the rich African continent grew.

National Geographic estimates that 700,000 manuscripts which are hundreds of years old have survived in present day private libraries in Timbuktu calling them “significant repositories of scholarly production in West Africa and the Sahara”. Oyo was one of the more urbanized Empires in Western Africa.

By this time Europeans had established trading relationships with many western African kingdoms and empires.

Some Europeans were given permission to set up trading posts and forts on the coast while others were refused land and required approval by local kings to travel inland to trade.

While Europe descended into its “Dark Age” after the fall of the Roman Empire, West Africa was ascending into what many consider to be its Golden Age.

The following are a few highlights about this period.

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