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We will explore your situation, find your personal strengths, learn new coping methods with new skills designed to meet your particular needs.I am passionate about personal growth and empowering people with ways to deal more effectively with their feelings of grief, loss, trauma, depression, and anxiety.My earlier specialties were trauma and Reactive Attachment Disorder and the families struggling with their traumatized children.

Now CRM is even more powerful as a system to empower my clients. Biography I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in both California and Arizona and have been practicing for over 14 years. Licensed Therapists are eligible to list their contact information, bio and specialties in the CRM Directory.I have over forty years of consulting, research, and teaching that includes college, secondary, and alternative health.In past years, I’ve been an Art, ESL, Speech instructor, Reiki teacher, communications consultant, professional artist and Theater director in community college and secondary school.

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Experienced in complex and intergenerational trauma and has studied and experienced Earth based spiritual practice.